Saturday, February 11, 2012

Class notes

Got off topic today in class.

Stanley asked about how to go about looking for internships in the summer.

I said, well, being 2nd year, it's not really not worth it.

At this point, you will be in competition with 3rd years, plus your skills are not there yet.

But don't let it stop you.

From there it went through :

Use the school for everything that you can to get better at this point. Use me for what i have to offer, use Nancy for what she knows ( story and animation tricks), use DQ, use Emslie, we all have different things to offer. Don't say, Nancy says do this and you say this - you have to sift it out and pick out the nuggets.

Don't expect the college to give you everything - esp. in all the right measures and correct order.

You are going to have sort alot of that out yourself.

Be crafty.

There you are , already launched and you are travelling between earth and the outer edge of the solar system, you have a full tank of space gas as it were, the dilithium crystals are fully charged, an instrument panel with all the latest in space navigation gear, and you have to reach your destination in two years from now intact and ready to make the next leap through space, to make the jump to real lightspeed, that is, get a job, start a career and make your way through life, that expanding universe.

Learn all the tricks you can: the science of fuel conservation, get all the star charts memorized and know where the currents, tides and shoals are, pick up useful minerals from those asteroids; use the gravity of Jupiter to slingshot yourself around it and past Neptune. Avoid those radiation belts. (read: your student loan money, your time, your classes you have to take, how much sleep you need, which software programs you need to know. On top of that, learn to draw, paint, animate and filmmaking. And learn Chinese. Oh, you do already.)

You want to be as prepared as possible when you graduate. that means learning not only drawing, painting, design, animation, comfy with digital skills, but also where to look for the good work. Knowing where the hot spots are in the industry.

Get to know the names - of studios, of the leaders, the festivals, the other people out there making films, what student films won the awards this year?

This led to the topic of ebooks. Brought up The Thousand Flying Books of Loris Lessmore. I thought by now everyone would heard of it; seemed to be a surprise to most. Told them about boom in interactive projects: Will need animators and designers.)

I 'm sure this is nothing new, but seemed worth following up on, so here it is. So go find an internship, don't let those third years get in your way!


Dan said...

Ha ha well put Scott.

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Elaine Chen said...

Agree as well! Thanks Scott!


Thanks guys! Glad to know someone is reading this!

Yinxu said...

Hey Scott! rmb me? Missed being your class. Nice post!

Stephens said...

In fact our publishing house, Five Rivers, would very much be interested in finding an intern or two to design book covers, and perhaps even promotional book trailers. And yes, we'd even be interested in seeing what second year students could offer. Might be an opportunity for them, and certainly would help out us a great deal.

If anyone's interested check out our blog post at:

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