Wednesday, October 26, 2011


All right, a post that is way past due:

Looking back at some of the stuff produced this summer:

Show at the Gladstone Hotel:

Had a piece in this show at the Gladstone Hotel, show was called "The Good The Bad and the Ugly", kind of a homage to Leone. I repurposed a layout from Hunchback...I thought it was kind of meh...but it sold. The event was a smashing success- at least, it was packed and noisy. Had to go out on the street to hear myself. I never met any of the other artists, (amend that - talked to Robin Budd) but talked to a ton of folks - Arna, Lisa, Laura, Yuri, John, John, Robin, too many I've forgotten.
Crazy... Tammy, let's do that again soon.

Summer sketching... really didn't amount to much this summer.

Although there was a trip to GREECE, was invited to a wedding of a former student. The trip was very very good. The sketches , well, some better than others.

Worked on a pitch for a series - Hoadley Bear:
Toronto Cartoonists' Workshop: taught classes on Satutday afternoons until mid July. It was a good gig, but driving into Toronto in mid summer on weekends when there is always a street festival, or a protest, or construction, or all three, was a bad idea. If teaching in Toronto, live in Toronto!