Sunday, November 20, 2011


Just got back from the UK, where I was a guest of the Bradford Animation festival!

And it was all because of this:

which is just coming out now, but the author, Fraser MacLean, initially contacted me two or more years ago. Over that time, I helped (a little) with the production of the book, providing information and in one case, a drawing, which got used, amazingly ( when there is all the Great Layout Work of the World to choose from, my little corner of the field seems pretty insignificant.) I count myself honoured to get a mention or a piece in here.
Let it be known - This is the book that we (the layout artists) have all have been waiting for; after all the endless "art of" books on animation and story, we finally have one to call our own.
Watch this space , and others, you are going to hear a LOT more about it.

The Bradford Media Museum, outside and in

The festival started on Nov.8, but i didn't arrive until the friday 11th. Hadn't been to England in 20 years, hard to believe, so was very much looking forward to it. Looking forward to few pints of beer, more like.

Fraser asked me to help him with the presentation, which was to help roll out the book, as he was doing a signing afterwards.
He gave the lion's share of the talk, which was a condensed history and then a look at some examples of the craft.
I showed some pretty pictures, pieces form Hunchback of Notre Dame, then some stuff from Incredibles, not layouts strictly speaking, but designs for the environments, but the case was made for the role of traditional drawing in the CG production world.
In the process of all this, I met a HOST of amazing people, as is always the case at events like this - more on them later.
The book store had about 20 copies, which sold out instantly.
Don't have one myself yet!

Here we are, later - Roy Naisbitt, Neil Boyle and Fraser M., and that's my pint in front