Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey, another Wyeth!

This image , when I first saw it as a youngster of some 12 or so summers, absolutely nailed me to the wall.
It is from the volume Legends of Charlemagne, one of the Scribners' classics illustrated by Wyeth.
The vision is so powerful and has such clarity; how did he see these things in his head? (And no Spielberg movies for inspiration..)Tried to copy it, seeing how the horses are so well drawn, but it is there but not there: trying to do that without knowledge of anatomy was impossible.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Can't believe I don't have this on the blogroll, but never too late.. the amazing, inestimable and energetic Peter de Seve.
My de Seve story is hanging out with him a little back on Hunchback, (but man, that 's starting to go back aways)... then seeing him at Blue Sky while working on Horton.
I always thought they should have made a print of his Hunchback piece as a crew giveaway.
I don't have much signed stuff, but that I 'd like to have.

So, go to Sketchy Past!