Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 0 0 1 ! ! ! !

Had a screening of the film at the school last week on Friday. Blu Ray. Big screen! Looked great!

Well, plenty of ink has been spilled over the making and subsequent impact of the film. Suffice to say it still is one of the best looking films ever made. Also one the most grown up films ever made; a film that makes you think, that's a rarity.

I primed the pump by screening a clip or two in all my Layout classes for the week, and waved the Kubrick banner. What other films had they seen by this filmmaker? Some had seen the films, but didn't know he was the director. How it predated Star Wars by ten years and pretty much invented the "kitbash" spaceship design look seen everywhere since. That it was shot in Cinerama and that's something you're not going to see again, even in this 3d retool era. GO, I said, be there or be not MEN, for you cannot call yourself a film buff unless you have seen this
game-changing-before-the-term-was-known piece of true cinematic art....

We then went back and analysed the clips for composition and film structure. Demo'd some sketching to get them to see where the neat things were happening. I saw alot I hadn't noticed before myself.

So many things.... The soft voiced, then very hard-edged computer; the slit scan timegate, the Dawn of Man, that CUT, THAT MUSIC!

Friday, March 5, 2010

WE Have Heard The Chimes At Midnight, Master Shallow!!

I meant to mention this before, but I finally did a piece for Steve Gettis over at Hey Oscar Wilde. One of my favourite characters and one of my favourite themes. (Falstaff from Shakespeare's Henry IV, Parts I and 2.)