Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ridley's Best Film

The Duellists, made in 1977, Ridley Scott's first feature, and still his best.
Amazing compositions.
This may be a page for the book, although I 'm not sure about permissions.


Ted Blackman said...

Hmmm.. the Duelists, I'll have to check that one out again.

Hi Scott. How have you been? Haven't seen you since Pixar but I remember it was fun talking history with you. Which student's blog did I post on? -Ted

Dan said...

Thanks for the film suggestion Scott. Looks like I know which one I will be doing studies of next.

TomH said...

Bah, permissions! Print it and consider the lawsuit free publicity.

kathryn durst said...


Keelamari said...

Omigosh Scott, I am such an idiot I'm so sorry! The whole time I was talking to you today I I should have realized that I could have held the door for you! Chivalry is not dead, I'm just really really dumb. Sorry sorry sorry again!

Scott Caple said...

TED -been fine. Pixar didn't last and had to come back to Canada. Kind of swimming just under the surface these days..
Your comment was on Sue Kim's blog.
...And i like those talks that you do.
Thanks, Dan!
Ok, Tom, I'll do that!
Hi, Kathryn!
Keely, Oh, that was no problem, i just had a moment's trouble there trying to shift my briefcase over to clear the door.. It wasn't awkward at all. But you can hold the door for me anytime! Good to see you!
Thanks everyone for the comments!