Monday, February 1, 2010

more class demos

First week of class in the new semester and I did have a list of stuff to do, but i like to keep it loose to see what comes up in class discussion...asked if anyone saw any good movies over the break, and of course, Avatar was the first to be mentioned. A bit later , we got into how good do you have to be? Well, as good or better than the guys who designed Avatar, because they are your competition when you get out of here. And there's a lot of them. And they're really good.
So how you can start catching up? Improve your drawing. how to improve your drawing? Well, one way I know works, practice and use construction drawing.
And don't just do it once, you have to do it a million times. Ask any of them. it helps to be good already, but repetition is the key. and improve as you practice. You do the ellipse again and again, draw that droid head again and again from every concievable angle until you get it right.

here's what I drew as I talked, and don't believe for a second that this is any good either. But it is an approach that can help you make progress and place the details of an object in the correct place on the overall form. Whether it is a realistic organic form, like one of those alien beasties or a harder design, such as something mechanical or architectural...Scott Robertson says it all : draw through!

And then you have to pump them out at the rate of 6 or 12 a day to have things ready for that design meeting with the art director.

it's all been said before and will be said again: drawing is the foundation of design. it helps you SEE. Slows you down; makes you OBSERVE. Lets you LEARN. AS the man said, "Learn why the world wags, and what wags it!"


Tom Dow said...

Wonderful notes, Scott. If Loomis were around today he'd have done the same.

The bar is set quite high, as you've said, and the single best way to get there is by turning the flat page into a window and drawing in depth.

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DrawDoll said...

Scott your blog is wonderful! So inspirational :)

scott Caple said...

Hi Tom!
Yup, Loomis is still one of the best sources.

Hey, Drawdoll!
What is inspirational is your comments and knowing that somebody's looking at this damn thing! Thanks!