Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Built A Boat And Burned It

OK, so two weeks ago I made my sacrifice to the Gods for the New year - now bring me work!

An old and dear friend has a bunch of us together each year at this time to observe Uphellya, a Scandinavian (read Viking) mid winter celebration that involves a boat, offerings, fire and hope for the future.
The company arrives during the course of the lowering, chill day, materials are waiting in the shop, a boat is built- there's been very different designs over the years - then at sunset the boat is dragged out onto the frozen pond, any offerings or items that one wishes to either bring luck or as a gift to the gods are placed therein, a few words are spoken, toasts made, the boat is torched and all eyes watch for any omens that can be gleaned for the coming year.
After the last flame goes out, all file back inside for good food and drink and lively discussion.
This was this year's boat....

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nick sung said...

WOW! this is awesome, scott.