Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

UP UP and Away!

Well, time to weigh in on UP.

Seems as good a time as any  to post some work that I did for heavy Iron Studios, on the game for the show. I worked on it for about a year, from fall of 2007 to summer 2008. This followed  working on the games for Incredibles, both of them , Ratatouille and WallE. I did alot concept development: everything from simple gags to elaborate set designs. looking back on the stuff i ahve it was ton of work. i haven't seen the game yet, but I enjoyed the fact that it would be aimed towards younger folks and that the gags/action/ gameplay would more fun and frivolous, rather than the shoot em up type game that is so prevalent in the game biz. Speaking of which ----  Man, get that scene at the end with Muntz with the shotgun! That really came out of the blue, I felt. And nor necessary. There are other ways for the antagonist to max out at the climax of the story. And it wasn't the violance that bugged me, it wasjust unimaginative. Sorry, it was lazy thinking. The gun is just too easy to do. Course, figures, coming from the that 'Murican psyche. What else do Americans know about any more , except guns and violence?
OK, my two cents, more to follow, if you wish.

Thursday, June 11, 2009