Tuesday, April 28, 2009

End of Semester

Once again, the end of a school year and the end of another round of teaching. Leaves one with a sense of accomplishment, a little bit, but more a sense of confusion, because you, like the students are not quite sure just what and how much happened, and a sudden hole in your schedule - like Wile E. Coyote, each week one has been rushing off the cliff of security into the high open space of the classroom where you hover gesticulating wildly before dropping thousands of feet to your doom below; suddenly you 're not doing that.
And then tons of marking , because in your enthusiasm to give out assignments, you forget that you have to grade them. 
And y'know, half of them are pretty good.
I don't spend this much time on all of them, but here's a drawover from one. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Did a lecture at school on composition and cinematography using the widescreen aspect ratios.
Went reasonably well, was pretty cursory, actually: I kinda breezed over a nuber of aspects. Fun getting the research together. 
here's some stills I used as slides.
God, these films are great. representative aof a time when, for all it's faults, Hollywood did some good things. Certainly  most of these films reflect the America of the time, when upper class white guys dictated everything and the movies made from bible stories were  the conservative church going white guy versions of those stories. Along with some fanciful costume and set design. But the intent was to educate and say that al men are equal. The men who did this work, while stroking their egos, (after all, al artists have egos), were bringing something from their upbringing and culture and that great egalitarian experiment that made up post war America.  They'd just been through a lot and were trying to pay it forward. At least they tried. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Art of Walt Disney..I think

Of all the things that have been scanned from books and old papers that show up on the blogs, I haven't seen much about the 1942 book, The Art of Walt Disney, by Robert Feild. Known of it for years, looked at friends' copies, but never owned it myself. Not for lack of looking, back in the day of used book stores, etc.
 I finally broke down and got me one. Was very easy, after all.
But here's why: I have still, to this day, a number of handouts that were given to us in first year Animation class at Sheridan College. And they're all still great, full of good info. Among them were a few sheets showing layout and drawing and composition tips. These have been the best bits of stuff on layout I have ever seen in any book, of all the books written on animation. There are things that even Loomis doesn't talk about.
I was always sure they were from the Feild book.
But they're not in the copy I bought.
It's a first edition: Collins, 1942.
Is there another edition? Is this one abridged?
So, question to Dear Readers: anyone help me here; Where are these from?