Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Unknown Artists

Don't you just love it when you discover an artist you never knew existed? And hateit, because how did you get this far without knowing about them?
here's one: J. S. Smith, English illustrator in th e60s and 70s, mostly nautical stuff.
What is it with the English, that they can draw and paint ships, trains , planes so well?
Anyway, these are little jewels.


Tim said...

Those illustrations are fantastic.

scott Caple said...

Hey Tim,
yes, I just love that ise of the "Tip of the Brush" gouache on board painting style. Blows away CG illustration completely.
Theses are from a site that was offering the originals for sale. I 'll post if I can find it again.

Qian Wang said...

Hey Scott, how is your Christmas? Those are beautiful. Actually I am so addicted to this game called ANON 1404 ( And I am sure you will love it too. :-))

jost said...