Friday, October 9, 2009

More Medieval Mummery

OK, following on from the last post with the Don H. caricature, here's a bunch of other ones that I did at the same time, at the end of the show. As I said, feelings of job-well-done and go-team were running high, as they do when you're wrapping a project, and I was in the zone after looking at medieval stuff for two years straight.

Roy Conli, Producer
Kirk Wise, Director
Gary Trousedale, Director
Diana Blazer, APM of layout
Dave Goetz, Art Director

Lots of Easter eggs in these ones, which will only make sense to those who were there.

To all the above, where ever you are, pardon for publishing without your permish, hope you don't mind.

I shall blow my own horn a little here and say, these all went into the annual caricature show that was held every year at the studio - or as we called it the John Musker caricature show, long time disney director and crack sketch artist. JM simply dominated the field with his acidic and devastating portrayals of anyone at the studio. He held nothing back. I never saw any other caricatures that laid a person so bare. he would draw the most beautiful woman in an ugly way, yet they were beautiful.

At the show opener, it was the one time that HE came over and talked to ME, which I consider a better compliment than anything about any layout I ever did.

If only he would direct his films the same way he did his caricatures.

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echoform said...

fantastic stuff sir. i've never seen caricatures done in the medieval aesthetic before. thanks for sharing the amusing anecdote as well. :)