Friday, July 3, 2009

more UP


Mitch K said...


When does your book come out? I never had the opportunity to be taught by you before I left school, although I jacked a bunch of your notes from the server!

scott said...

The book is on its way!

Thomps said...

from the look of things, UP must have been an exciting / enjoyable project to work on.
I do hope your book is released by the time September rolls around.

Karen MunroCaple said...

Hey Scott,
I stumbled on on your blog out of sheer nosiness and I was delighted to see the work you've done for the UP games. I've seen the movie a couple of times, once in 3D with my Little Sister (you know the Big Brother's association?) and the second time with friends. I wasn't paying much attention to the use of guns and story lines but I sure did enjoy the whole thing.
I have seen the Incredibles several times and I'm aware you were the environment designer. Very cool. My Little Sister was mightily impressed. She is 15 years old and crazy for animation, particularly Anime.
Continue doing your thing and having fun. Take care...
Karen Munro Caple