Friday, May 1, 2009

An Experiment


Ok, taking it to the next level. first movie post ever. it ain't art, but I wan to see if it works.


Cesare Asaro said...

That is absolutely SWEET!, it maybe the nostalgia of the black and white, the fact of my memories when I was in Italy and the movies I used to watch. Maybe my passion for patterns, or perrrrhaaaaps you did a nice job. Just SWEET! congrats.

scott said...

Wish i could say i did it, but no, it just came my way just like that... i tempted to think it's real..they did such things back then..and the Italian trains always ran on time!

Tara said...

I have to say as I watched this for some reason I was waiting the whole time for the smash-up derby! haha Thank you America's Funniest Home Videos! What an interesting video though!

Qian Wang said...

It's great, my eyes are spinning lol