Sunday, February 8, 2009


From class a two weeks back...some VERY simple grids demonstrated for the students...the point was to show how a grid could be thrown over an organic object or environment, to help the animator see the perspective of the scene. or more specifically the portion of the scene where the animation is happening. YOU may know what it was supposed to be, but help out the next guy as much as you can. This is something for handdrawn and digital layout and boarding alike! Rendered light and shadow will provide the information, but will take more time and even that can be misinterpreted! Learn to sketch the grid! Show the structure underlying the object, whether it's a rock, a path, the side of a building, a cloud or the waves on the ocean!


Mokuu said...

Very cool tutorial !

JoBi said...

Wonderfully explained!

scott said...

Thanks guys!

Well it 's all in the basics...understanding basic form is the way to understanding complex form... I'll do some more it soon.

hans bacher said...

very nice, scott. really curious about your layout book