Monday, August 25, 2008

catching Up

No posts all summer! Unintended. Just got busy with many things.

June 11-12
Went to Miramichi, New Brunswick, on the sparkling shores of the Northumberland Strait, on the east coast of our Great Country.
Attended Jalloo, a small yet interesting animation festival, did the guest speaker thing. Met several new friends, and a few old ones. Friends, that is.... Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Geordie Millar, life drawing teacher and artist. Amazing artist. Could give you a run for your money, John W.! Also Tara Audibert and Rick Knowles! And the old Willy Ashworth, walking around like the young Willy Ashworth! Several students that will be working in the business very soon! The amazing students of the NBCC animation course! All of them winners!
Of course, some great pub time, drinking and sketching, two of my favourite pastimes.
Did several like this in various sketchbooks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008