Monday, October 20, 2008

More Concepts

Here are some more results of the in class critiques I do over the student work in my layout class at Sheridan. The Concept here was "Wild West". Again, they were given five minutes to come up with a sketch, then i did a short critique of a few of them. Those who did these, you know who you are.


Kei Acedera said...

Those are great! (I wish I had you for layout class :)..and sorry I made a mistake about the Sketchcrawl date---its this Sat, Oct.25th @ the Metro Zoo..Bobby got a group discount so I hope to see you there and sketch w u!

scott said...

Hi Kei,
Thanks for info...I really will try and do that!

TomH said...

Hi Scott, it's nice to see "nuts & bolts" sketches being posted. For all the nice finished art you see you rarely get to see the thinking that led to a final piece. That's also something I miss when looking at portfolios. Everyone wants to dazzle you with finished work and they don't show the rough drawings and concept sketches that gave birth to the final.