Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Another thing was seeing Wall-E (how DO you spell that?) after having worked on the film way back in 2004, when I did vis dev for a few months.
Not enough to get a credit on it, apparently.
Here's a couple of very first passes on the Axiom...the brief from Ralph Eggleston over the phone was - spaceship, huge, has some kind of space salvage, a city on top with "castle" above that, a docking area for satellite ships, make it cartoony! No Star Wars! But think John Berkey!
So I did these and that was that. The story obviously evolved and so did the Axiom. The cruise ship idea came later.


Tim said...

Those designs are terrific, Scot. I'd have to say 1, 2, and 3 are my favorites. They have such simple designs but so cool.

echoform said...

hello there sir.

i always wished the axiom design went for a more unconventional approach like the path your designs were taking. i thought the final version was too similar to berkey's designs and didn't "surprise" me in any way.

i love how you share all of these unpublished images with us.

thanks a bunch.


Brad said...

Very nice Scott, bummer that you didn't get a this kind of stuff, thanx for the inspiration...when ya gonna publish a book?

Tom Dow said...

Cool designs! The anthropomorphic look, no, fish-o-morphic?... piscomorphic?...

Anyway, the top one is really exciting in a functionally cartoonish way.

Very interesting to hear Ralph Eggleston's initial thoughts and how that implies the stage that they were at in story development. The final design did look very much like a Berkey painting.

dermot said...

Hey Scott.....yeah...nice to see / Berkey is always a good guy to refer to.....there was a site online where you could buy original colour sketches at just $200 a couple of years ago and I lost it / obscure....grrrrrr

just trying to scratch out a meagre living chance to go south I'm taking it !

stay well man