Thursday, September 18, 2008

Raiders Redux

I knew I had these somewhere.
Stills from three scenes that I did the animation for of the so-called "Wrath of God".
Oops, the first one is lightning bolts and flare.
The artwork was pretty basic, but like alot of roto efx of the time -black paper, acetate, greasepencil, and some fancy exposure work and filters. Shot onto a piece of film, now i don't remember what stock we used, and then the geniuses in the optical dept. comp it together with the rest of the elements for the scene. We shot on 35mm Vistavision, that's sideways thru the camera, then the element is rotated and shrunk to fit the plate photography ( all covered in detail in some book on ILM, I'm sure.Ie- Cinefex).
The other folks in the dept. at the time were John Van Vliet, Kim Knowlton, Gary Waller, Loring Doyle, and Sam Comstock.

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Mr.Magoo said...

This is classic! Glad I found your blog!