Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring has...

OK, April's gone, and most of May now... Time for an update.

I spent most of April holding down three jobs...two freelance gigs and the teaching out at Sheridan College. In case anyone is wondering what I've been up to the last while!

Although in my defense, I tried posting a cuople of times, but it wouldn't load...? is this common to others?

It got insane for about two weeks, mostly due to marking and end of semester nuttiness. No news to anyone who teaches. There must be a better way. The worst thing is how little one-on -one time is spent with the students and addressing the issues of their art and learning. No one learns anything by me doing traceovers of their work at 1 in the morning at home. The ones who need the most help were often not even present in class. No news there, either, I'm sure. So to those who needed me the most and saw me the least, I say, I'm sorry, and make sure you're in class next time! There was a lot of absenteeism this semester. I can't be that boring!

A couple of in class demos from somewhere in that time.

Last Day of Class:
it was beautiful weather, it was the last class of the semnester, the fourth year films were screening at the same time...and i'm gonna try and hold people's attention talking about layout? What else to do but bring in the arms and armour!

Here's some pix, thanks to Dimas!

More here:

The reason I wasn't at the Industry day screenings, was because I was in LA for a week, to do with some freelance work. Again not free to discuss, but it was very cool and caught up with some friends as well as made new aquiantances.
One thing I did was pay a Visit to the ASIFA Animation Archive, thanks to student Amir Avni, who was down doing some volunteer work. There I met the amazing Steve Worth and saw all the work he is doing there, amassing a database of animation art that seems unlike anything else being done, even by web standards. They also have on display an exhibit of Grim Natwick original art, which was quite exhaustive and went through his whole career, with audio commentary supplied by Steve. (Get that onto one of those hand held things, Steve.) Check out the website:

There were some things I wasn't able to do, one of which was catch a show of matte painting art on display at the Linwood Dunn Theatre, courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. On 'til end of May. If you're in LA, go there. All those great old glass paintings done by hand!

In connection with the display is a screening of the Errol Flynn Robin Hood, a newly restored digital version. The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) was an early Techniclor hit and remains one of the technology's masterpieces. It epitomizes classic Hollywood filmmaking with its lavish production design, rousing score, and energetic stunts and swordplay. Oscars for Art Direction, Film Editing and Original Score. June 1, 7PM at the Linwood Dunn Theater, 1313 Vine St., Hollywood.

Hosted by my old friend, Craig Barron, of Matte World fame and whom I knew during my own stint at ILM.

I 'd be curious to see how it compares to an actual Technicolor print.


amir avni said...

Hey Scott,
The last day of class was a lot of fun! Thanks for showing us all the cool stuff you've made and collected, and let us try it out.

I was really glad you could come join us at the Archive, I know how much you'd like it, Kevin enjoyed it as well, It was great to meet him and Joe!

Billy George said...

Hey scott
I wish i was around to take your class! its a great opportunity i hope your student appreciate.

we were just admiring your Hunchback layouts down at work yesterday- Hope all is going well.

scott said...

Hi guys,

Gotta make it fun somehow.
Thanks for the comments!