Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Out of the files

Prisma pencil on bond paper, not strictly '08, but I don't remember when I did these.


Juanma said...

scott hi, i didn´t know you had a blog, Francisco and thomas send it to me.
Great work you got in here, i like that you posted incredibles research stuff.
please visit my blog and drop me a line I may wanna talk to you regarding a big project in latinamerica.

massy vincent said...

hi scott,
trés jolie blog!
toujours dans le moyen age ... je vois
it was a great time, the time
of the hunch-back of notre dame!
I remenber you verry well during
this period in LA.
look at my blog
nice to see you again (in picture)
and sorry for my poor english

pinky said...

awesome drawings Scott,
I love the top one!

scott said...

Hi! Very long time, no talk! Hope you are well; just had Thomas over for a visit to the house brfore he goes to Vancouver. Thanks for the visit!

Pas de parler pour longtemps!! Great to hear from you!
yep, le Hunchback was a fun show, even if they did give it a happy ending.


Thanks for saying hi! Just fifnished the semester, so won't be on campus much, but will let you know..maybe lunch again?

thanks, everyone...have a good summer!