Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More Hunchback

A few more bits from Hunchback while at Disney. These are all workbook drawings. Workbooks were given to the more experienced members of the team, and a lot of political capital was invested in them within the dept. They varied from show to show and supervisor to supervisor. Sometimes they they got so elaborate that they became unwieldy. I got the first one out of the gate on the show, so that was bit of a coup.


Ronan McDermott said...

These are great,thanks for posting them.

Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Scott!! I just found your blog. It doesn't surprise me how many nice drawings you've got here. What are you up to now?

scott said...

Hey blair,

oh, just around. Doing enviro design for THQ for the games of Pixar 's movies. Out at Sheridan one day a week. Trying to find that next big thing!



angelodragons said...

Hey Scott!

This is Daphne, I'm in you're second-year layout class on Wednesday. I was wondering if we're allowed to paint the tones for our workbook on photoshop?

scott said...

HI Daphne,

Well, i guess you got the answer to that by now.