Friday, November 30, 2007


Samples of the handouts I created and pass out to the students I have taught and am currently teaching, These have been given out at Sheridan, at Associates In Art in LA, now sadly defunct, and Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore.
It's carrying on a grand tradition..I always enjoyed getting such stuff from my teachers way back when.
Seems a bit old fashioned in this day and age, but the information is never outdated. Good drawing and how it's done will never date.
I have a ton of these...might try to get hem all together in a book sometime.


Fabián Fucci said...

Awesome notes! I already saved them to my personal survival kit. You definitely have to publish that book!

Billy George said...

You REALLY should put a book together. It would be cool to leave all the pages hand written the way you have it.

dermot said...

Hi Scott....Thanks for the note the other day / I actually proposed a book on such things ( layout,boarding etc to the company that published my motorcycle book but they told me their research showed that cinematography for teens wouldn't sell....I suggested a different concept / name of course )They only want to print manga or comic art'd have to think of a catchy name for the blue-haired execs .

I have great ideas that worked in teaching too but they DO need to be published....just a 16 pager even would do it ( without all the mass of the Lemay compendiums ... jk Brian )

I too love the Duellists by the of Ridleys best !

You'll have to create your own "next big thing" if you plan on staying in Canada methinks...check my site for email too

marcobucci said...

this is an awesome blog. Your layouts on Hunchback blow my mind. These handouts are great too. Please keep posting stuff like this!

scott said...

Thanks everyone!
Billy- handwritten.. you think? professional enough?
Dermot - yeah, i remember we talked a bit about this...hey, i wanta copy of your motorcyle book...available on Amazon?
Nancy Beiman's book is OK, but more on story...looking for Hans B.'s bok but can'r t seem to get holt of it..any of you got it?
fabian&marco - thanks, guys! The comments are encouraging me to keep this up.

Jazzy said...

Thank you!!!!

Andrew Ross said...

Thanks for posting these.

Tobio said...

marvelous blog!, I have discovered this blog today, and put it directly on Top of my bookmarks, i want to learn and you want to teach... there only one more thing that i can say; Thanks.

Armand Serrano said...

Nothing beats some good old traditional layout notes. Your students are fortunate to have you as their mentor. Anyway, Have a wonderful Holiday season, Scott... keep warm.

Five Rivers Chapmanry said...

I think you should publish a book, Scott! I'd be more than happy to walk you through the process, if you aren't already familiar with it.