Monday, August 13, 2007


I meant to do some entries while I was still there, but I just returned from a surprise trip to Singapore, land of Terry and the Pirates and Modern Tiger of Asian Countries That Are Poised To Kick Our Butts. I was there last summer for the months of July and August doing teaching and guest lecturing for Nan Yang Polytechnic in their Visual Arts Program. Made alot of new friends and had a blast. Much is being written about the present and imminent state of affiars re; aniamtion in the Asian countries; suffice to say that there are exciting thing s happening there, perhaps at the expense of some more rain forest or a few civic rights, but Singapore seems to be making it work. There are certainly exciting prospects at the moment for any whom are looking to do some travelling and experiencing other cultiures and combining that with work experience. If one is going to get involved in the global marketplace, it's as good a place as any.
This time it was Sheridan College that called; they wanted me on a team they were sending to explore the feasibilityof setting up a campus there to supply the burgeoning aniamtion industry. Don't know how much I can say here, but it's a hard possibility and there will be more opportunity in the near future.
In the meantime, Singapore is still an enticing place and is full of mystery and romance, for all its sparkling skyscapers and modern buildings, shiny cars, well heeled shopaholics, there are exciting places to see, every kind of Asian food to be sampled, weather hot enough to wilt metal and arms wide open to any with an open mind. And they're not going away anytime soon.

Here are some pics from the recent trip.


echoform said...

that must have been a fun trip. i miss your tuesday calligraphy posts.

scott said...

Dear Echoform,
yeah, it was great! especial;ly when you stay in some big hotel and you don't have to pay the bill!
hey, you're right! Calligraphy coming up!

Raymond Xu said...

looks like you had fun! I hope to visit china and its surrounding areas to scope out the animation scene one day. I wish that I had an opportunity to be in your class at sheridan. Loved your work on the Incredibles!